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Tabbed notebook with Rich Text editor, multi-level tree notes.

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KeyNote Description

A list of features and functions, no matter how detailed, will not do full justice to KeyNote. The program has been carefully designed to be very flexible yet easy to use. One of the most important qualities of an application is what it doesn't do: get in your way as you're doing your work. This is the main principle of KeyNote's design. Beyond that, KeyNote's power becomes visible through its use; you can combine functions to achieve novel results and bend the program to your needs.
KeyNote is used by screenwriters to draft screenplays, by medical doctors to keep patient databases, by developers to store source code snippets - and to everyone it serves as a place to put all the random pieces of information that have no particular structure of relationship to other data, and do not fit easily in task-specific applications such as word-processors, databases or spreadsheets. As you use KeyNote, it will tend to grow on you and every day you will discover more ways to use it. The list below only indicates major features that you would expect to see in an application of this type, but it does not exhaust the possibilities.
Major features:
RichText enabled editor, with many text formatting functions ad properties (font styles, colors, highlighted text, paragraph styles, bullets, numbered lists, etc.)
Store many separate notes within one file; each note is displayed on its own, easily accessible tab. This is a much more convenient solution than opening several files on disk. Each note has independent font, color and editor settings.
Choose Between two types of notes: a simpler, editor-only note, or a tree-type note, which is a multi-level hierarchy of "branches", each with its own note. The two types of notes can be mixed freely within one file
Tree type notes can be arranged horizontally (tree panel to the left of editor) or vertically (tree panel above the editor)
Ability to create user-defined styles for text and paragraph properties

KeyNote Screenshots

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What's New in KeyNote 1.6.9

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KeyNote Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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